• TEMPORARILY RELIEVES NEUROPATHY SYMPTOMS: shooting pain, tingling pain, joint pain and numbness.
  • EFFECTIVE TEMPORARY RELIEF OF: neuropathy, sciatica, nerve pain, CRPS, gout, eczema.
  • MULTI-USE: Moisturizes skin, oral care, underarm hygiene, rapid wound healing, hair and scalp health, rash relief.

The wise men from Arabia were actually being practical by giving the baby Jesus these precious, costly essential oils because they could double up as potential medical remedies. Today we now know frankincense and myrrh promote healing to many areas and systems in the body like emotional balance, immune and nervous systems, and skin. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, Wise Men has a wide variety of uses like treating pain relief, arthritis, neuropathy, post-herpetic neuralgia, psoriasis, and eczema.


Not confined to one mission, Wise Men Healing Balm is suitable for topical application of a myriad uses. It can help treat symptoms of neuropathy, pain, and arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory properties, which also make it helpful for daily uses like skin moisturizing, oral care, rash relief and under arm hygiene. It can help clear out your medicine cabinet and simplify your life.

Skin Moisturizing
Frankincense, myrrh and coconut oil have been used for centuries to heal, soothe, moisturize, fragrance, and smooth skin. Wise Men acts as a sealant, as it helps trap water into the skin to keep it moist. Regular use can help stimulate collagen production in the body thus reducing wrinkles. It has positive antioxidants that can help slow down the appearance of wrinkles and delay the aging process. Apply Wise Men Healing Balm under eyes or around your mouth to smooth fine lines, or massage it into your cuticles to encourage healthy nails. It does not leave a thick, greasy or overbearing residue. You can use it on your face, hands and ears without worrying about breakouts. In fact, many people have been able to see some success in treating acne, psoriasis and eczema with Wise Men due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties.

One of the best things about Wise Men is the fact that it eradicates the need for some of the most toxic, potentially harmful and drying concoctions out there on the market. Look on the back of any one of your lotions and you will almost without fail find alcohol of some sort or another as one of the main ingredients. How does adding alcohol to a product that is supposed to moisturize hydrate anything? Another common culprit in most lotion and creams is petroleum- despite being a known carcinogen, it’s in almost everything.Seriously, it’s in almost everything; toothpaste, makeup, lotions, deodorant, clothing, foods…

Oral Care
Frankincense and myrrh and coconut oil have been used for thousands of years to support oral health. It's common for Arabian people to place frankincense and myrrh resin in their mouths daily to strengthen their teeth and gums.

Daily use: Use like you would a mouthwash – “swish” about 1 Tsp around your mouth and between and through your teeth and gums for one minute – just don’t swallow it. This practice is sometimes called “oil pulling,” and it’s an ancient health practice that an increasing number of today’s dental hygiene researchers are recommending in addition to brushing and flossing. Oil pulling with Wise Men attacks bacteria, whitens the teeth, fights gingivitis, reduces inflammation and strengthens the gums – naturally. See our review and summary of independent oral care research.

Wound Healing
Use on cuts, bruises, and scrapes to help speed healing. Simply apply to the cleaned area of concern and let the gentle, soothing qualities of the balm take over. In addition to improving wound healing, its antimicrobial properties may also prevent infection, one of the major risk factors that can complicate the healing process. Dry skin, minor cuts, bruises, and scrapes can all benefit from Wise Men Healing Balm. See wound healing clinical studies.

When you first notice a sunburn, the best thing you can do is be proactive and start the healing process as soon as possible. Bring Wise Men with you to the pool, on a camping trip, during your afternoon hike—anywhere the sun is shining. Its nourishing properties help your skin recover faster, so you feel better. You can put it straight on your lips to help reduce the discomfort and provide the extreme moisture your lips are craving.

Under Arm Hygiene
Using Wise Men Healing Balm as a deodorant does the trick combating odor. It fights against staphylococcus hominis, which is the bacteria species primarily responsible for producing underarm odor. It isn’t an all-day deodorant and needs to be reapplied on really hot days or after exertion. But the trade-off is healthier skin and fewer toxins going onto the skin that could potentially cause cancer or endocrine imbalance. You should be cautious using chemicals like parabens, aluminum, propylene glycol, triclosan, and other common ingredients found in commercial deodorants and antiperspirants. Daily Use: Using clean fingers, or an applicator, scoop out a small amount of Wise Men Healing Balm (size of a dime). Gently apply it to your clean, dry underarm. Rub gently until smooth and spread it around as it melts on your warm skin. See under arm hygiene clinical studies.

Hair Health
Wise Men can help prevent a dry, flaky scalp and dandruff, as well as split ends and hair breakage. For these reasons, Wise Men Healing Balm might make your hair look shinier, stronger, and longer. For a super-nourishing hair mask treatment, massage a teaspoon or two of the balm through your hair. Wash it out after a few hours.Wise Men may help strengthen the hair shaft and prevent breakage. You can use it as an alternative to standard conditioner.Just a dab of Wise Men can go a long way as a styling aid when it comes to taming frizz. To melt the balm: place the solidified oil in your palm and rub your hands together to melt it.

Research Studies
See this link where we review and summarize clinical research studies on ingredients of frankincense and myrrh for their effectiveness on pain relief, neuropathy, arthritis and anti-cancer. We also review studies demonstrating the synergistic effectiveness of combining frankincense and myrrh versus their independent effectiveness.