Application Tips

We recommend applying Wise Men generously in the mornings and evenings just before bed. You can apply it again throughout the day just for extra measure. You could never apply too much because the ingredients are natural and non-toxic so if it's working for you then soak in it! Stan would apply Wise Men several times per day to his reflex points on his hands and feet, the auricular body points. The healing qualities of the oils absorb into the system in twenty minutes or less and go to which ever system or organ that requires them.

Here are his recommended application tips:


Wise Men is very temperature sensitive. It often melts and reforms on a hot delivery truck so the form can be unusual sometimes. It could be liquefied. It could be solid as a rock. There could be an air bubble underneath the surface. Don't be concerned. This is because Wise Men is unrefined, organic, and basically as minimally processed as possible. In either form Wise Men performs the same. If it's solid, to apply it you may prefer to melt it a bit first. Or you can shave a bit off the top and then it will immediately melt like butter in your hand. If you store it in a sunny window or near a heater it will soften to a balm like consistency. If it's liquefied, to apply it, it's best to store it at room temperature. You could refrigerate it for 30 minutes to harden it quickly.

SMELL FIRST!  It takes ½ second for a smell (aroma/odor) to get to the brain. It takes 9/10 of a second for the sense of pain to get to the brain. ALWAYS smell the essential oil first. That way the healing properties of the oils begin working immediately as the brain sends the healing messages throughout the body. You may put a fingertip of cream into the palms of your hand. Cup your hands around your nose and inhale. Ummm...


MASSAGE!  By applying a massage when applying Wise Men you can greatly enhance the benefits. Studies show applying a massage with pain relieving topical creams can result in a greater decrease in pain.2 When Wise Men is applied with massage to the reflex points, electrical impulses are released. These impulses carry up the nerve pathway as the essential oils are absorbed deep. This in turn releases energy to support the systems of the body. Note: they manufacture special reflexology foot massaging machines which are very reasonably priced.


FOOT, HAND, EAR APPLICATION –Why do we apply Wise Men to these special areas? This is the most common way to apply the oils to get the fastest response from them. The oils will be bypassing the liver and will not accumulate there. There are 800 pores per square inch on the foot! The feet, hands and ears also have places corresponding to all parts of the body. These places are called reflexology points. By massaging these reflexology points you will actually be treating the corresponding area of the body by triggering the release of endorphins. 3
If you study different books or charts about reflexology of foot, hand or ear zoning, you will see variations between the location of corresponding organs and parts of the body on the feet. Don’t be overly concerned about pinpointing these zones. Simply work all over the foot and focus on the points that appear sore or tender. It’s not necessary to locate any exact point. The body will adjust.

Reflexology Zones

YOGA!  Practicing yoga or stretching after applying Wise Men can greatly enhance the benefits particularly when treating nerve disorders like sciatica or postherpetic neuralgia. How does it work? Similar to a good massage, yoga will release electrical impulses up the nerve pathway. This in turn releases energy to support the systems of the body and stabilizes abnormal electrical activity in your nervous system. Additionally, yoga practice can help you become stronger and more mindful of how you move. Yoga connects all the joints through posture and can correct improper spine mechanics; it turns out everything is connected to everything else.


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