The Toxic Environment

We live in a very toxic environment, and our healthcare system, food production system and insurance industry have all been hijacked to our detriment. For many of us, these toxins are what are causing us to be ill and to seek medical care. If the cause of your health problems is due to a buildup of environmental toxins rather than a deficiency of nutrients, you will need to reduce your toxic load in order to regain your health.  
Plastics, pesticides, municipal water supplies, poor diets and even air are lined up to cause us harm. The two groups that we have most control over are the water we drink and the food we put into our mouths. To increase your odds of surviving cancer, we must drink clean filtered water and eat organically grown vegetables and meat products. We are the sum of what we eat and put in and on our bodies. The number one item to stay away from is refined sugar in all its forms. For sweetening I like to use naturally gathered honey or stevia. I often mix moderately with apple cider vinegar, water and lemon for a healthy refreshing drink. I also use Stevia to bake bread.  It is natural, made by God, and healthy in moderation. The other mass produced sweeteners are best left on the table or better yet, thrown out. Refined sugar is fuel for cancer, so why feed a monster?

Here is a list to be aware of but the sugar industry is continually revising the names they use: