The Penetrating Chemistry Of Wise Men

Surprisingly, you can use Wise Men on your face, hands, feet and ears without worrying about breakouts. In fact, many people have been able to see some success in treating acne, psoriasis  and eczema. Another feature you might not expect from using an oil topically is that when applied to the skin, Wise Men does not leave a thick, greasy or overbearing residue. Because of its penetrating chemistry, it actually absorbs quite quickly and is not uncomfortable to wear under makeup or clothing.

One of the best things about Wise Men is the fact that it eradicates the need for some of the most toxic, potentially harmful and drying concoctions out there on the market. Look on the back of any one of your lotion or pain relief bottles and you will almost without fail find alcohol of some sort or another as one of the main ingredients. How does adding alcohol to a product hydrate anything?  Another common culprit in most lotion and creams is petroleum.  Despite being a known carcinogen that potentially causes cancer, it’s in almost everything. Seriously, it’s in almost everything; toothpaste, makeup, lotions, deodorant, clothing, foods…

Stan was proud that Wise Men was a natural and effective way to lessen exposure to toxins without having to sacrifice any superficial benefits.  Wise Men is cold pressed, unrefined, organic, and basically as minimally processed as possible.  It contains just three simple ingredients:  frankincense, myrrh and coconut oil.  That’s it.  It’s missing the hard to even pronounce chemicals. To extract the purest therapeutic grade essential oils for his healing balm, the resin is slowly steam distilled. His entire process is time consuming and costly, but required if the oil is to produce desired results.


  • Andrea Tavenner

    It is amazing. I gave it to my niece and her friend when they were stung by jelly fish: it immediately took the sting away. I jammed my finger in the car door and immediately submerged it into the balm. It took the pain and swelling away, and I did not lose my fingernail. I use it on the back of my father’s heel, and it has aided in his mobility and gait. I use it on my acupuncture points, face, ears, chest, inside my elbow bends, top of hands and top and bottom of feet. I can feel it working with my circulation. I have used it to oil pull in my mouth, and it has whitened my teeth. I gave some to my neighbor for his knee. He used to have to get cortisone shots every 3 months. It’s been 8 months since his last cortisone shot. We all believe it’s a miracle. We say, “ If it’s good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me.

  • Eleanore

    I’m on my 4th jar of the Healing Balm. It works wonders on my bone-on-bone ankle!

  • Laurette

    On the advice of daughter I purchased Wise Men healing balm for helping alleviate the pain my husband was having with Gout in his foot and it worked very well for that. Unfortunately I took a hard fall last evening and in the hopes of alleviating the pain from that on my knees I decided to try the balm too. I’m happy to report that the pain is lessened considerably and I’m not even showing any signs of bruising. Thanks for creating such a fantastic product!

  • Sylvia

    Just started using it today for neuropathy in my feet.

  • Laura Kiggins

    I have neuropathy in my feet and hands do to chemo, your product is the only thing that helps me! Thank you 🙏

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